Sunday, June 19, 2011

Why Green Lantern Really Isn't That Bad

So last night I was convinced to go see Green Lantern. I really had no desire (AT ALL!) to see this in theaters. I've heard so many bad things and from the moment I saw the first trailer I thought it was going to be ridiculous. My boyfriend dragged me to it and I kicked and screamed until... I found out the new Harry Potter Trailer was going to be showing before it. So, in the end I sucked it up and went, and was pleasantly surprised. Here's the quick play by play (Without giving too much away).

Arrive at Cinebarre and order lots of calories (Yum!).

Watch some short films and then trailers....

No Harry Potter. Ok yes, I already watched it online the moment I could but I love watching trailers in theaters. Best part of any movie.

Green Lantern begins.

- Yes, good plan, start off with the shirt off.
Ryan Reynolds is SOOO hot (bummer Scar Jo gave him the downstairs bumps).
- Eww Blake Lively. Just. So. Annoying.
Her acting was bad, but to be fair I expected worse.
She is prettier as a brunette.
- They don't really develop any supporting characters. Although after watching X-Men First Class, were they try and shove in too many characters, i'm ok with that.
--We've got the good guy, the bad guy, and the chick. Check.
-The Suit. Not gonna lie I thought it was going to really really really bug me, but with all the other CGI it just kinda worked.
- Wow and super hero movie and Kid might actually like. Hmmm... what a concept.
- Cheesy.
- Could have a little more playing and fun.
- Ok Blake does get better, but still ew.
- Sarsgaard should just always have an accent. It's bugging him that he doesn't.
- Oddly most people call this movie jumpy, but I call it "to the point".

It ends and overall it was alright.

Critics apparently hated it. All I have to say is get the F over it. What do they expect?!?! Heaven forbid someone make and comic book movie with a simple plot line that kids can follow. I'm sure when they cast Lively and Reynolds no one was expecting something amazing, but they did well. Yes, it could have been something amazing, but few movies accomplish that. Comic book movies are all part of a money machine don't expect any crazy genius from them. Green Lantern was no where as bad as Spider-Man 3. I guess all i'm saying is go in expecting hate it and then maybe you'll like it ;).

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  1. Thanks for the review Jaime. I too have no desire to see this, but at least if I am dragged into it (and the fam is trying) I'll take the 'go in and expect to hate it' advice and maybe I will be pleasantly surprised. Of course now it will be harder to drag me in since there is no Harry Potter trailer - WHAT!!

    P.S. What are the downstairs bumps that Ry got from Scar Jo???